The Sycamore Lane Company is a consulting firm serving clients in the realms of politics, corporate strategy, leadership and faith.

We exist to lead people and movements who bring truth, light, life and goodness into the world, to help people see and discover purpose in their lives and the world, to be expert craftsmen in all we do and to look not only to our own interests but also to the interests of others.

Our firm works in four primary areas:

  • Politics

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Leadership Development

  • Faith and Civic Life

We look forward to hearing from you and partnering with you to achieve your goals!

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Joel Searby – Founder and President

Joel Searby is a veteran consultant with over 10 years’ experience in the realm of political campaigning, government affairs, corporate and non-profit strategic planning, leadership development, and faith-based initiatives.

He spent a decade in consulting with one of the largest firms in the Southeast, serving as CEO beginning in 2014. They served clients in 17 states from federal to local, large PACs, trade associations and many others. In 2016, feeling a strong calling to step into the presidential mess, he left the firm to run Evan McMullin’s historic three-month presidential campaign.

Joel has worked with campaigns and organizations across a wide spectrum of sizes and resources – from local candidates for office to managing a presidential campaign and from small trade associations with a few thousand members to some of the largest with over a hundred thousand members and multi-million dollar budgets.

In his work Joel has focused on helping people and organizations identify their goals and challenges, create plans and budgets to meet them, assemble the necessary resources and teams to achieve the goals and then execute the plans for success. A true soup-to-nuts leader, Joel thrives in challenging situations that require intense focus and creative solutions to difficult problems – be they getting elected, passing or defeating legislation, strategizing through difficult organizational transformation or identifying and equipping leaders.


Natasha Dure – Consultant

Natasha Dure is a consultant at The Sycamore Lane Company. Her portfolio includes the intersection of politics with race, faith and justice - working with candidates, PACs, and organizations at the national, state and local levels.

In her time at Sycamore Lane she has served Governors, candidates for US Senate & US House and others along with serving national organizations with multi-million dollar budgets and massive media reach. Her role with the company includes a focus on relational networking, strategic planning, communications and media.

Prior to joining Sycamore Lane, Natasha worked as the Unit Director for a branch of a Forbes ranked national non-profit organization devoted to community development. In this capacity, she oversaw the Unit’s staff and a small army of volunteers, on a weekly basis. Her leadership was comprehensive and result-driven; by the time of her departure, Natasha had joined forces with local executive leaders to create a much-needed community task force to complement the non-profit’s work.

In addition to the efforts described above, Natasha has worked with organizations that seek to inspire, direct, and equip individuals and groups for maximum impact in their communities. Her work and experience have further sharpened her skills in areas like analysis, planning and problem solving. Natasha lives to make things better and more efficient for those around her, in every way possible. She is optimistic about the future and is dedicated to believing for and working towards a new generation of honest and principled leaders for our country.

Natasha is a native New Yorker and fluent in Haitian Creole. She resides in Gainesville, Florida and is an avid fan of the Florida Gators – her alma mater.


Matt McConn  – Operations Director

Matt manages the daily business and financial tasks at Sycamore Lane.  He also pitches in to provide support on the different projects that the team is engaged in.

Matt began his professional career as a mathematics teacher and department chair in the Florida public school system.   After investing 10 very rewarding years into students in Alachua County, he decided to transfer his skills in management, communication, and mathematics to contribute to the work taking place at Sycamore Lane.

Matt grew up in Gainesville, Florida and is a graduate of Florida State University.  He currently resides in Gainesville with his wife Chantel and their 4 children.  Matt is a lover of “Dad Jokes” and poor quality humor.  He also enjoys assembling various household items, teaching…just about anything, and playing the drums.