May 1st, 2018

Happy May 1st!

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My Latest Piece

While twitter erupts in outrage and the partisans throw bombs all day, join me as we quietly build a political movement that is both entirely fresh and innovative while being rooted in classical, timeless values that bring truth, light, life and goodness into the world.

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Last week my wife Jen and I had the chance to visit our friends Brian and Julie Mavis who lead an amazing organization called America's Kids Belong. Their mission is to "unite government, faith-based, business and creative communities to end the foster care and adoption crisis in the U.S. – state by state." Check them out!

My friend Justin Giboney is leading one of the most thoughtful and constructively disruptive movements in urban politics today with a message that goes after some of the most difficult issues of race, faith and politics. Support them.

Independent, Indiana US Senate candidate Nathan Altman is the youngest senate candidate in the nation and bringing some truly innovative and amazing ideas to the table. I was honored to help him launch his campaign and you should take 5 minutes to check him out.


I am serving as the Senior Strategist for this amazing organization. Unite America is doing more than any other organization in America to bring a new way to our politics by supporting serious, credible independent candidates all around the nation. Join us.

You need to watch, listen and learn from Beleaf (aka Glen Henry) who is doing incredibly innovative, important and hilarious stuff on YouTube and through his other work. Also, he as a section on his website called "crap for parents" so that's worth checking out, at least. :)

I am loving this Texas brother and sister band!



I will NEVER get tired of watching these. I cry every time. Thank you to all who serve and protect.

Watch it here