America, it's time to Unite

I’m sick and tired of the partisan warfare. You should be too. Now you really can do something about it.

It is an utter lie and a great deception on the American people to claim that voters only have two choices in their politics. It’s dividing our nation. It’s time for us to see and believe in the cause of political independence and its central importance to a healthy future for our democracy. The current model is simply not working.

This week, the first EVER slate of serious, credible independent candidates for statewide office rolled out around the nation and the reception confirmed what I already knew: the country is ready for this. Unite America is an organization dedicated to building the infrastructure, grassroots network, funders and team that independents will need all around the nation to be successful. I could not be prouder to be a part of it. It’s truly a new path in American politics and I believe we will be successful.

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The Unite America slate and team on the train from DC to NYC on our national rollout tour.

The Case for a New Way Forward in our Politics

It doesn’t take much to prove the need for this movement. Our leaders are not getting the best outcomes for the largest number of people possible because they are ultimately legislating only in the interest of a minority of Americans — voters we often call “the base” but whom do not represent the views of the majority. Critical national issues are going unaddressed — poisoned and stuck. The airspace of every political conversation is sucked up by anger and fighting. Communities, friends and families are divided. All because of a trumped up war of words stoked by the tribal leaders intent on preserving their own power. If you don’t see this, you’re not looking or you may be in a dangerous echo chamber. This leads us into a perpetual state of political war. If we allow it to continue unchallenged I am convinced it will lead to the unraveling of our nation. I’m sick and tired of it and I’m not going to take it anymore.

Make no mistake — this war is fully underway. This story of dangerous tribal division leading to societal crack-up is as old as history. Ancient peoples, united across ethnic, linguistic and cultural barriers built history’s most dynamic and powerful communities and empires. It is true some of those societies for “forced into unity” but they were united in key ways. And yet they almost always unraveled as tribal factions rose up to seek only their own interest and rebel against the larger community. In more recent history we’ve seen Eastern European ethnic conflicts, African tribal genocides and our own Civil War. When we allow ourselves to be divided into tribes to whom our loyalty is given over the greater community, it leads to war.

It does NOT have to be this way. Stop buying the lie that you only have two choices in politics. You are free. No one owns your vote unless you allow yourself to believe this lie. We are free to give our political allegiance and our vote to whomever we please. Do they control us? Will we allow them to continue to think they do? No! We won’t. Because they don’t.

It’s time to stand up and fight. But we must fight the right battles with the right weapons against the right foes. Our fight is not against other Americans who hold politically different views from us. The leaders who advance this lie for their own good — they are the ones we must reject and defeat. And that doesn’t mean just handing power to the other party in a given election. We must unite in common cause against an intractable and broken system that is woven through with a foundational thread — the thread of blind loyalty. They expect you to buy the lie that you have no other choice.

It’s time to pull the thread loose and unravel the false tapestry that has been so expensively and expertly woven over decades of skillful partisan work. This unraveling will not be the unraveling of our democracy, though. No, it will unravel the deceptive facade and leave only what is behind it — an enormous and beautiful mural of “we the people”, united in purpose to reclaim and advance the universal truths on which we were founded. That all men and women are created equal. That we have rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That these rights are not only for Republican men or Democratic women. Not only for white or brown or black. No, these rights are for every American.

These uniquely American ideas were birthed from shared values of human dignity and what makes a society work. To be sure, there is much improvement to be done in how we carry out the protection of these rights, founded in these truths. But we must rise up. We are the people and this is our nation. No party shall divide us. No party owns us.

We must cast a political vision that is not necessarily new but rather rooted in ancient truth. It will be, however, an entirely new path forward for our politics. This new movement is already marching forward to advance the cause. Unite America exists to introduce competition into the political system with independent candidates who can — both through their campaigns and once in office — force both parties to come back from their respective extremes and facilitate greater collaboration and problem-solving on behalf of the American people. It’s a creative disruption to a broken and dysfunctional system.

A Major Milestone for a New Movement

This week, Unite America announced our endorsement of the first-ever credible, competitive, and coordinated slate of five independent candidates for U.S. Senate and Governor. It is a major milestone in our movement to elect independent leaders who can bridge the growing partisan divide in our politics today. Unite America has been, for the first time, building the volunteer network, donor community, and electoral infrastructure necessary to level the playing field for independents taking on both parties. You can see a recap here of the amazing press our national movement is getting.

We are a group committed to bringing together people from all political backgrounds — Democrats, Republicans, minor party members and independents alike are all welcome. By supporting great independent candidates you can make your voice heard and send the message loud and clear that you won’t take it any more. That you won’t buy into the lie. And that you’re free to make your own decisions about who you think will best lead your city, state and nation.

I’m proud to be serving the movement as Senior Strategist and have been intimately involved in helping these great candidates in every way possible. It’s been truly inspiring to see their commitment to the cause and their vision for a new way forward.

Here’s what YOU can do TODAY

Join us today by signing up here. Contribute whatever you can. Spread the word, share your ideas and perhaps most importantly, support these candidates. You can support all of them at once, right here.

Once you’ve signed up and contributed what you can do these great candidates, take the next step of spreading the word on social media and to your friends and network. This is a truly historic movement and I want you to be a part of it.

America, it’s time. Let’s come together and get this done. It’s time to reject the lie, rise up and join the new independent movement to reclaim the timeless values our country so desperately needs. It’s time to Unite America.