A Prayer on Inauguration Day


Father and Creator, we recognize you are bigger than we can understand, stronger than our greatest fears, more wonderful than our sweetest dreams. You have been and will be. You were there when Babylon reigned, when Rome fell, when America was born and when we've been torn apart. Through it all, you remain.

Today we pray for our new President and his administration. I ask that you lead them by your mighty hand, for the good of our country and the world. Protect them and their families and let them know, in clear ways, you love them.

We are so divided as a nation. I ask you to raise up leaders who transcend the divides. We humble ourselves before you and repent for our pride and our hatred. Root those things out of our hearts by your Spirit's good work in us.

Strengthen our resolve for speaking truth and standing up for the weak, the marginalized, the oppressed and the hurting. Let us discern when we must speak against evil and give us the courage to do it boldly and with great clarity.

We do not place our hope in the government of the United States. But we will work however we can to see it be an instrument for the good. I ask that you lead those of us who are laboring in this way - Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike. Purify our hearts, stir up creativity, and bind us together in unity for the good of all people everywhere.