Words from a depressed politico to a tired nation

I've never been much of a runner. I always preferred sports for my exercise. Basketball is my sport of choice and I played throughout my life including in college. I guess I don't like the idea of anything where you just run and there's nothing else to it. Today after a long hiatus from exercise because of this presidential year, I went for a run. But instead of running on a road or a sidewalk, I ran in a beautiful park down trails along a creek. Whenever I wanted to stop and enjoy a squirrel climbing a tree, the meandering Hoggetowne Creek, or just watch the leaves falling here in Florida, I did. This is a different way to run. This is a running that doesn't lose sight of the journey. This is a running that, when needed, stops and enjoy the scenery. I've never run like this before.

That reminded me of something a mentor of mine, Mike Patz told me about a year ago. He said I'm a sprinter not a distance runner. More like Usain Bolt. (I know, Usain, I'm nothing like you.) I've pondered this ever since. What does it mean to be a sprinter in life? What does it mean about the things that I do? Or don't do? What does this say about me? Is it even true?

I'm realizing that it is. Throughout my life I've been able to go at speeds and levels of intensity that very few people are able to handle. But I can't sustain it for too long. If I try I will crash and burn.

So what does a sprinter have to do? He must rest after each race.

Many of you have asked me what I'm up to. The answer is, not much. I have been deliberately quiet and avoiding a lot of activity. Part of this is the simple fact that I'm exhausted and the election is over. Part of this is the natural depression that comes after a period of high intensity in life. Part of it is that I don't want to jump into opining on matters of such weight for our country and our world. It has been said that at times, for the good, we pour ourselves out to the point of being completely empty. This has been the case for me. And so being emptied I must refill. Refill from the Source. Refill with goodness and truth and beauty. Be quiet long enough not just to hear but to truly listen. In times of refreshing we must give ourselves space to ensure that we fill up our empty tanks with things that will renew us and give us life, not further drain us or lead to death.

So perhaps you would like to know what I think about Donald Trump. Maybe you'd like to hear my thoughts on building a new political party. Maybe you think I should hang it up and stay out of politics altogether. These are all things I've pondered myself. But here's what I know sitting here today on this park bench looking at this beautiful creek: I'm not ready and that's OK.