"I am a disciple of Jesus, a husband, a father and a friend before anything else in life."


About Me


I’m a movement leader and consultant in the realms of politics, faith, business and leadership. More on that later.

First, the personal stuff. My wife Jen is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. She is strong, faithful, and brutally honest. She is comfortable in her own skin. I love that about her.

My kids, Evan and Lydia, are also amazing. They are silly and beautiful and curious about life. They challenge me to think and they give me hope and a purpose for fighting for the future.

Together we live in Archer, Florida. I grew up in Normal, Illinois and attended University High School. Jen and I met and graduated from Lincoln Christian University and spent 6 months of our first year of marriage living in Santiago, Chile serving a church plant and working with young mothers, kids, drug addicts and others in a rough part of the city. It was an amazing experience and we love Chile and her people. 

Both our kids were born in Gainesville, Florida and we love it here. Our church home, Greenhouse Church, has been very influential in our lives helping us to heal from past hurts, find purpose and build a community of friends and fellow Christ-followers who are trying together to really live out what we believe.


I follow Jesus because I have found him to be real, faithful and loving. I find the worldview of the bible, the explanation of reality and how we interact with it, to be the most comprehensive and in line with reality as I’ve experienced it. I call myself a “disciple” because I model my life after the teacher – Jesus – endeavoring to shape my life around his leadership and example. That is based in two primary calls: to love God and to love people.

Now the boring business-y stuff. I spent ten years in consulting with one of the largest political firms in the Southeast, serving as CEO beginning in 2014. We served clients in 17 states from federal to local, large PACs, trade associations and many others. In 2016, feeling a strong calling to step into the presidential mess, I left the firm to run Evan McMullin’s historic three-month presidential campaign.

I’ve worked with campaigns and organizations across a wide spectrum of sizes and resources – from local candidates for office to managing a presidential campaign and from small trade associations with a few thousand members to some of the largest with over a hundred thousand members and multi-million dollar budgets.

In my work I’ve focused on helping people and organizations identify their goals and challenges, create plans and budgets to meet them, assemble the necessary resources and teams to achieve the goals and then execute the plans for success. I thrive in challenging situations that require intense focus and creative solutions to difficult problems – be they getting elected, passing or defeating legislation, strategizing through difficult organizational transformation or identifying and equipping leaders.

I look forward to getting to know you.